What do I know about Research?


What do I know about research? Add in description and introduction here.

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Activities 1. Reflect on your current perceptions of research. What is it, who does it and how do you fit? Where do you see yourself in the research context? 2. Review five of the student research maps (link here to a collections page). Now…..
Research is…?

What does research look like in your discipline? Whether you are studying history, physics, biology or fine arts, each discipline has a different view and process for research. View the following videos that highlight what research looks like. [insert variety of videos including students/faculty]

Activity: Mapping your research journey
1. View at least 3 or 4 videos that include a few different disciplines. 2. Visit the “writing in the disciplines” page, and read more about what research looks like in your current area of study. 3. [Now do something] – Questions: What kind of artefacts do we want students to create? Where should we collect them (or do we need to?). Is this a journal, portfolio? Does the research office need students to submit anything (ie a separate Moodle shell where students add in links to their posts/maps/etc.).